Kickbox Your Way to a Better Body

KickboxingEver since the 1970s when everybody was Kung Fu Fighting, martial arts-based exercise has been a solid fitness favorite.  For the last decade, kickboxing, and its "cousin," cardioboxing have become popular variations on these challenging workouts, through Tae-Bo, Powerstrike and classes all over the world. Kickboxing is a total-body, booty-kicking workout that's fun, makes you fast on your feet, and kicks you into the best shape of your life.

Think about the moves boxers do when they're not actually punching their opponent. They're shadowboxing, lunging, kicking, swinging, blocking, jabbing, extending their arms, dancing around and constantly moving.  They may use props, like speed bags, body bags or padded gloves or they may use just their own body strength.


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