Tisha Castillo

Tisha Castillo

I live in a beautiful community known as San Tan Valley.   I believe our elected officials should be held accountable & I have a history of calling them out when needed.  I am a "glass is half full" kind of girl and I love it. 

Although I am very active in our community, please know that when I post here, I will be posting as me, Tisha Castillo.  My posts will not represent any of the organizations that I proudly am a part of, but simply my views as a resident of the area.  I hope you enjoy what I share and that you'll come back often and share your thoughts.

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Shope & Pratt are NOT good for San Tan Valley

For months I have heard about complaints about candidates turning away from their party by voting for or against "ObamaCare" and "Common Core".  I've heard about votes cast that have lined their pockets, conflicts of interest that were ignored, money trails from questionable sources to puppet picked candidates and unfortunately that's just the beginning.

The Money Trail

Just spent most of the morning reviewing financial reports from the candidates running for office in Arizona. From local county offices all the way up to Governor, the money trail is quite ... disgusting & eye opening.

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