Tisha Castillo

Tisha Castillo

I live in a beautiful community known as San Tan Valley.   I believe our elected officials should be held accountable & I have a history of calling them out when needed.  I am a "glass is half full" kind of girl and I love it. 

Although I am very active in our community, please know that when I post here, I will be posting as me, Tisha Castillo.  My posts will not represent any of the organizations that I proudly am a part of, but simply my views as a resident of the area.  I hope you enjoy what I share and that you'll come back often and share your thoughts.

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The Money Trail

Just spent most of the morning reviewing financial reports from the candidates running for office in Arizona. From local county offices all the way up to Governor, the money trail is quite ... disgusting & eye opening.

Vote Ty Morgan

This blog post may not directly relate to many of you, but I need to share my 2 cents about an elected office, that many of you will be voting on in August.  The candidates may not be the same, but the office is and I wanted to share a few things with you.


Right before the movie I told my girlfriends, "I just hope I'm not let down or disappointed with the movie".

I have been waiting for months to go see Tammy, ever since I saw the first preview actually.  I love Melissa McCarthy!  Her characters are incredible and her humor, though at times may be inappropriate, is flippin hilarious. I loved Identity Thief, The Heat and Bridesmaids was hysterical.  I can't think of a movie that she has been in that hasn't cracked me up.  

I thought it was up to the people

I heard about an event a couple of weeks ago that I was looking forward to participating in. Now before you start getting excited, no I wasn't excluded or asked to leave, however several others were and I have to say I was a bit confused.

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